Mr. 2%: Tony Blair’s Secret Oil Contract with Saudis Revealed


“Tony Blair’s secret contract with a Saudi oil company has been revealed as details have emerged that the ex-Prime Minister received £41,000 a month and two percent commission on any successful deals that he helped broker. Tony Blair Associates (TBA) signed the contract with PetroSaudi to help find them new sources of investment and to promote the company to political leaders, policymakers and others deemed important in advancing PetroSaudi’s overall international strategy. We look at the apparent conflict of interest, in this Lip News clip with Elliot Hill and Mark Sovel.”

TheLipTV: “Tony Blair’s Secret Oil Contract with Saudis Revealed”

5 Responses

  1. Maybe I should listen to the clip, but TB has been out of office for a while. While this shows where his values lie, and arguably have always resided, its not as though he did the deal while IN-office: THAT would have actually been a conflict of interest. At this time, it is understood it’s all about him and cashing-in, like the countless whores who’ve preceded him.

  2. Don’t forget Blair is still some sort of official envoy in the middle east for the EU. No wonder things are falling apart as his lines his pockets. The man is a menace and should be hiding in disgrace.

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