South Dakota Native Tribe: Keystone XL an “act of war”

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“The Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota says that congressional approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline will be considered an act of war. If given the green light by congress, the controversial project will traverse land under the control of the Native American tribe, which is now threatening to exercise its rights as a “sovereign nation.” RT’s Ben Swann speaks to tribal president Cyril Scott to learn more.”

RT America: “Keystone XL an “act of war” declares South Dakota tribe”

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  1. How many of America’s Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans are members of one of the Indian Nations? How many of America’s veterans might be, or might be related to, High Plains farmers and ranchers of ancestry other-than-Indian who might well share the Indian Nations’ viewpoint on dirty filthy dilbit pipelines rammed across Indian Country? How many of those veterans might have some measure of knowledge of explosives and demolition and the deployment of such relative to the functional integrity of pipelines?

    Will a dilbit ( diluted bitumen) pipeline be able to ram itself across the High Plains? Will it survive the attempt?

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