Peru: Descendants of Incans to get Rural Electrification via 500,000 Solar Panels

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“Peru’s government said on Wednesday that it plans to nearly close its gap in electrical coverage in rural regions by the end of the decade with a recently-awarded $28.5 million solar-energy contract. Energy and Mines Minister Eleodoro Mayorga said Ergon Peru S.A.C., which beat one other bidder on the contract awarded on Friday, will install 500,000 solar panels across Peru and guarantee their operation for 15 years. Only 70 percent of rural Peru is now connected to the electrical grid, compared to 90 percent nationally.”

WochitGeneralNews: “Peru Aims to Cover Rural Electrical Gap With Solar Panels by 2020

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  1. Back in the 1980s when solar power was still really expensive, we used solar energy to power the remote link to Radio Baha’i. Even at that time solar energy was cheaper than the alternative fuel(diesel). We were 20 miles from the highway and the grid connection, and diesel had to by carried by pickup over dirt roads that became rivers of mud in the rainy season.

    There are a lot of places in the world that are in a similar situation and solar is now the only way to provide electricity to these areas. There are also a lot of side benefits to solar rural electrification. Electricity means more services, more industries, and more jobs. When people have more opportunities at home they won’t move to the overcrowded cities. Having lived in a rural area in Panama for many years, the quality of life is so much better! Opportunites for people in rural areas might even reverse the population flow.

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