Can Hizbullah save Lebanon from ISIL?


“As the Islamic State massacred its way throughout Iraq and Syria this summer, a separate battle took place in neighboring Lebanon.

This summer, the Islamic State invaded the Lebanese border town of Arsal, beheading captured soldiers and unleashing waves of lethal car bombs, destabilizing the country.

Hezbollah, one of the world’s strongest guerrilla armies, has also become involved — either defending Lebanon, or making things worse, depending on who you ask.

VICE News traveled to Lebanon to explore the battle being waged by one of the world’s fiercest militant groups against one of the Middle East’s smallest and most fragile nations.”

VICE News: “The Islamic State and Hezbollah Fight For Lebanon”

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  1. Professor Cole,

    Thank you for posting this documentary. I did not know about it. I am teaching a session on the effect of the Syrian civil war on Lebanon in the coming weeks, and will show this film to my students.

  2. Hezbollah is the only sensible armed force in the Middle East, and the unarmed forces are now sadly irrelevant. The Saudis tried to install a Sunni plutocracy in Lebanon to rule over what is now likely a majority of poor Shia, and failed despite Western/neocon “color revolution” deception. Now the Sunnis are showing how vicious their sense of class entitlement is. When all the Christians have to ally with Hezbollah to survive, how loudly will our Christian Ziocons lie to cover it up?

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