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  1. Red Staters don’t give a damn that they’re the worst as long as the homeless kids are darker than their own. It’s just more proof that “those people are animals.”

  2. It is very bad when 1 in every 30 children are homeless in America. How is this possible when they are suppose to be the richest country in the world? It seems to me that they are not taking care of their own people very well and they need to take a look at this. Children are a countries future, and if these kids are living on the streets and in shelters, then the future does not look very good at all. The American government needs to take a look at the way they are spending their people’s money. Helping banks and Wall street doses not help people keep their homes and to buy food. I think that the US government has gotten to big and has forgotten about the normal people who are just trying to survive.

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