Israel’s Exclusion of Palestinians from Area C Costs Pals. $2.2 bn a Year

World Bank

“If businesses and farms were permitted to develop on Area C land, 61 percent of the West Bank, it would add as much as 35% to the Palestinian gross domestic product.”

World Bank: “Area C and the Future of the Palestinian Economy

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  1. The Oasis Casino of Jericho was an example of a successful business venture that realized 1 million dollars per day in revenues and whose primary clientele were Israelis. It was organized by European business magnate Martin Schlaff, but was shut down by the Israel Defense Forces.

    It was one example of the Israeli government stifling the West Bank economy of Palestinians.

    The casino would later become part of a corruption investigation where it was alleged Ariel Sharon’s son had received improper payments.

  2. I suspect that it is BECAUSE of all those resources that the Palestinians have zero chance of owning and developing them. (Then, of course, there’s the ‘security’ justification – another insurmountable problem.)

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