Stealth Drone Proliferation: Iranians Reverse engineer captured US Spy Drone

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“Iran has released a video showing the test flight of an Iranian-made version of the captured US RQ-170 spy drone.

The stealth drone was designed and made in less than three years and will be ready for surveillance, combat and other related missions in the next few months. The RQ-170 Sentinel stealth aircraft was downed by the Iranian armed forces electronic warfare unit in 2011. Tehran had announced that it intended to carry out reverse engineering on the captured aircraft, which is similar in design to a US Air Force B-2 stealth bomber. The drone is one of America’s most advanced spy aircraft.”

PressTV News Videos: “Iran releases video showing test flight of its RQ-170 version”

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  1. Iran has a strong high-tech sector and the wealth to finance it, so many other technological advances should be anticipated. Note that Iran has an entirely different warfare philosophy than the US and Israel. Instead of very, very expensive aircraft and pilots and other very expensive offensive weapons, Iran has focused on having lots of inexpensive, but reasonably effective and deadly defensive weapons. Even this stealth drone is defensive as it will be used by Iran to know more about its opponents (US, Israel and Saudi Arabia), rather than an attack weapon. If the US, Israel and/or Saudi Arabia start a war with Iran, I suspect they will receive some very unpleasant surprises and heavy defeats. Iran has been extremely paranoid about a US invasion for over 35 years and has expended a LOT of resources to make that invasion as painful as possible for the US. I think US military leadership understands just how dangerous it would be to attack Iran, but US politicians are not listening.

  2. sharbel abdo

    @clancycnn Chinese revealed their F-35 too, seems that everyone waits for the Americans to do it, then manage to copy paste it

    • If Americans are foolish enough to waste trillions of their wealth on war toys, why shouldn’t the rest of the world just “borrow” the technology?

      BTW – given the physics, chemistry and other scientific limits, there are really few possible alternatives to the designs, so it is perfectly reasonable that even independent designs will be very similar to US designs.

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