Turkish Pres. Erdogan says Women not Equal to Men: “Their System is Different.”

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“The Turkish President has triggered fresh controversy, declaring in a speech that women are not equal to men.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan also criticised the feminist movement, claiming they do not accept or understand the concept of motherhood.

He spoke at a global justice and women’s summit in Istanbul.

An English translation of his speech at the event said: “You cannot make an equality between men and women; they are not equal. They are of a different nature. Their system is different. ”

Euronews: “Turkish President sparks row by saying women are not equal to men”

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  1. It is probably a translation thing, ‘You cannot make an equality’ is scarcely even English. The phrase, whatever it was (aynı değildir?), very likely meant ‘not the same’. And that surely has to be true or we wouldn’t need separate words for ‘man’ and ‘woman’.

  2. Ironically, there is some truth to Erdogan’s views. Women are different from men. On average, they are much more peaceful and compassionate. They are much more inclined to work out differences by negotiation instead of violence.

    Alas, if only men were not, in this regard, more like women. By this reckoning, women are superior.

  3. I, think Erdogan should go to Kobane and workshop this with the the Kurdish warrior maidens. He might learn something

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