Not the Onion: American alleged Terrorist Indicted by Israel for Planning Attacks on Muslims

TheLipTV | —

“A U.S. citizen has been indicted by the state of Israel for planning terror attacks on Muslim holy sites. The man, 30-year-old Texas native Adam Everett Livvix, was arrested in November on suspicion of possessing illegal weapons and planning a terror attack. However, this isn’t the first time Livvix has been under suspicion of terrorist activity. We take a look at Livvix’s shady history and the evidence against him, in this Lip News clip with Gabriel Mizrahi.”

TheLipTV: “U.S. Terrorist Arrested in Israel For Anti-Muslim Attack Plots”

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  1. Aer O

    Would like to know how his IDF roommate was able to get 1.4k explosivess, and what happened with HIM? I’ve seen nothing.

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