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  1. Not really “unhindered:” They at least have to give a little baksheesh to the “border guards,” who display the real fundamental nature of enlightened self-interest that rules in that part of the world: link to youtube.com .

    Anyone know what is really happening on the ground?

    “More on Turkish Support for ISIS,” link to danielpipes.org

    And it’s a tainted source, but what’s to be made of this? “ISIS Fighters Killed By Kurds Were Members of Turkish MIT (Intelligence Service),” link to themuslimissue.wordpress.com At all reminiscent of Pakistan’s fractured fairy tale “intelligence service” and military?

    Or this? “Syrian Smugglers Say Turkish Buffer Zone At Border Will Not Help Fight Against ISIS,” link to ibtimes.com

    As to our great Warheads on Foreheads Program, there’s this: “Airstrikes missing ISIS frontline, say fighters,” link to news.sky.com

    And all this is a little reminiscent of “Coalition” (US) military dudes paying Afghani warlords and Talibanners lots of protection money (and helping the opium trade to hit a new high) to let petroleum fuels and munitions get to “wherever the key front is this week,” even to driving the trucks, while they laughed their a__es off at how stupid we Global Warriors are: “Western aid ‘is funding ISIS fighters’ because jihadists are demanding huge bribes to let trucks carrying supplies reach desperate families, official claims,” link to dailymail.co.uk
    And who is fighting whom, and who has pledged allegiance to whom as of this moment? There’s this, link to danielpipes.org, and reports like this, “Turkey’s ISIS Problem,” link to longwarjournal.org And for a close look at the relations between the warring players, try this from Syria Comment: link to joshualandis.com

    And here’s the Cowboys and Indians mindset, writ large and ugly for all us Patriots to amplify off of (it’s worth reading the whole article and comments – caution, disturbing pictures): “ link to barenakedislam.com

    And The Oil Must Flow: “This is how ISIS smuggles oil,” link to buzzfeed.com

    And we all root for the cowboys, whoever they actually are and whatever their patent and covert and idiotic goals and “interests” may actually be, and deride and hate the Indians, who gee whiz! turn out to be hard to actually identify except by designation by the Imperium, for the moment, via the Narrative…

  2. Serena Shim and Iran were right about Turkey.

    Obama’s Warheads on Foreheads Program is aimed at ISIS refineries and reducing their million dollar/day smuggling revenue. Lots of that goes through Turkey.

    Turkey lets weapons and fighters cross into Syria and they get oil products in return.

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