GOP Denialism to Sink Capital: 150 Tidal Floods a Year for Washington DC by 2045

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“The eastern coast of the United States– from the Gulf of Mexico to New England — has one of the highest rates of sea level rise in the world. As a result of climate change, 5 to 11 inches of sea level rise is expected by 2045 leaving communities like Norfolk, Virginia, Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Annapolis, Maryland essentially inundated. Dr. Brenda Ekwurzel of the Union of Concerned Scientists speaks to Earth Focus about what’s at stake for major U.S. coastal cities and local communities and the choices they need to make to adapt to this imminent threat.”

Link TV: “Encroaching Tides: What’s at Stake for the US”

For more see Union of Concerned Scientists, “Encroaching Tide”:

“Using a mid-range scenario for future sea level rise, we find that, by 2030, more than half of the 52 communities we analyzed on the East and Gulf Coasts can expect to average more than two dozen tidal floods per year. Importantly, the rise in the frequency of tidal flooding represents an extremely steep increase for many of these communities. In the next 15 years alone, two-thirds of these communities could see a tripling or more in the number of high-tide floods each year. The mid-Atlantic coast is expected to see some of the greatest increases in flood frequency. Because many communities are already coping with tidal floods, a tripling in their frequency means that, by 2030, such floods could occur more than once a week…

Because communities are already coping with tidal floods, a tripling in their frequency means that, by 2030, such floods could occur more than once a week. Places such as Annapolis, MD, and Washington, DC, for example, can expect more than 150 tidal floods a year, on average, and several locations in New Jersey could see 80 tidal floods or more. By 2045—within the lifetime of a 30-year mortgage— many coastal communities are expected to see roughly one foot of sea level rise.”

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  1. Jillian St Andre

    Well, yes, not only the economic elites but also many voters would be happy to see Washington DC sink into the ocean. Maybe 90% of Republican voters and 30% of Democrats?

    Oh, and isn’t it “capitol” ? We all know nothing’s gonna sink the capital — capital reigns supreme!

  2. The number “two dozen” is because every full moon and new moon, the tides are more extreme because the tidal effects of the sun and moon are additive. So every full moon and new moon the high tide might be two feet higher than average. Pretty tough if you are right at sea level.

  3. I was thinking that might be just what the Ascendant Deconstructionists would be looking for as an excuse to re-locate the Capital (and Capitol, too) to a new spot so redolent of revised and revived idiot history: Richmond, VA, capital of the Confederate States of America. Yeeee-haawww, them Confederate dollars, saved carefully away all those generations, will be worth something again!!! To spend at events like this: “Capital of the Confederacy Civil War Show,” link to But then Richmond still has that flooding problem…

    • I think the plan is to move the capital to Colorado Springs, where a huge industry of right-wing megachurches has ominously sprung up next to the US Air Force Academy, making the latter’s religious scandals alarmingly predictable.

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