The Koch Tax: Why are Floridians being denied Free, Clean Energy from the Sun?

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“According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Florida ranks third for solar potential nationally, but ranked 18th when it comes to development of this clean energy option. Executive Director of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy discusses the untapped clean energy potential in Florida and how climate change plays a role.

Stephen Smith, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy”

WPBT2: “ISSUES: Solar Energy in the Sunshine State”

Juan Cole adds:

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  1. Suzette

    @LOLGOP Enriching Shareholders at the expense of the general public w/o the good of the consumer in mind,Privitization of utilities

  2. FLA could have a referendum on whether electric utilities will be required to lend customers money to built solar panels on their houses & can charge them a reasonable rate on their utilities bills to pay back the loan.

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