Illusions of Whiteness: Millions of Southern ‘Whites’ have African Ancestry

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“Six million White Americans have some African ancestry, according to a new study, which looked at the genetic records of 145,000 people, using the genetic testing service, who identified as European, African and Latino. The study found that 3.5 percent of White Americans have 1 percent, or more African ancestry. We take a look at the study, in this Lip News clip with Jackie Koppell and Gabriel Mizrahi.”

TheLipTV: “African Ancestry in Over 6 Million White Americans”


For more see 1 in 8 white Louisianians has black ancestry, highest percentage in country, report says

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  1. szescstopni

    @alizardx All the seven billion people in the world have African ancestry, if you don’t live in Olduvai Gorge you’re an immigrant

  2. We all have African ancestry. Chunbese, Native American, Soutyh Asian, European, Polynesian, Melanesian. All human groups are des ended from the Homo Sapiens thatevolved in Africa, mainly the east of the continent, and spread out over thje past 100000 years.
    I suppose what this article is say ing is that a high % of American whites have the genes of African slaves in their cells.

  3. The white race is a construct, but it is a construct designed by powerful people as a powerful tool for conquest and exploitation. Thus the meaning of “white” is elastic; it expanded to include Irish and Italians when it was no longer feasible to exclude them from the political system. If it can’t be expanded further, it must fall back on nostalgia for a past of white tyranny, numbers be damned, or lose power.

    The aggregation of power in this cultural/economic/religious envelope called “race” was the foundation of American capitalism, for the plantation owners made the American colonies viable as a country. The use of a caste system to make one strata of workers oppress another strata disrupts labor markets in the capitalists’ favor. When industry and the rise of the North and labor unions pushed wages upward, it seemed that white supremacy might die out. But now the capitalists are 40 years into an experiment to drive wages all the way down for their own massive profit. Eventually they were going to have to give whites something back to compensate for the wages they are stealing: the privilege of killing and abusing non-whites, or at least delegating this pleasure to the police.

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