Real Independence: In 2014, Scotland used more Renewable Energy than Nuclear, Coal or Gas

By Juan Cole reports that in November, wind energy alone produced more than enough electricity for every home in Scotland. Over all in 2013, Scotland produced 46.6% equivalent of its gross electricity from renewables. Scotland, with a population of 4 million, is well on its way to getting 100% of its electricity from renewables by 2020, among the more ambitious goals set by anyone in the world. – JC

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Scottish Renewables’ has a chart showing that the two biggest sources of energy for Scotland are hydro and wind. This is a good combination since hydro is not intermittent and can take up slack when wind dies down. Scotland is also exploring wave energy, which also would not be intermittent. No need for fracking there.


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  1. Scotland is well past the stage of ‘exploring’ with tidal power, having established projects supplying all the needs of communities on a permanent basis.

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    With more projects on the way.

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    The Isles have some powerful currents running through the channels. More than enough to power the entire U.K., and more in the North Sea.

    There seems to be plenty of potential in that spectrum, yes, but there also seems to be recognition of that, which is positive.

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