Over 100 ISIL/Daesh Fighters Killed in US Airstrikes in Iraq; Attack on Syria Base Repelled

By Juan Cole | —

The US war on Daesh (ISIL) in Iraq and Syria takes up less and less space in the MSM. The group and its issues haven’t gone away, however.

A source in Iraqi security told AFP Arabic that US and allied air strikes had killed about 100 fighters near Mosul on Saturday. The fighter jets concentrated on weapons depots and medium and heavy weapons (tanks, armored vehicles), but it is being alleged that they hit a Daesh military HQ, accounting for the large casualty count..

In Ramadi west of Baghdad, Daesh ambushed Iraqi troops sent out to deal with them, and had set roadside bombs as part of the ambush. Still, the Iraqi Air Force bombed Daesh positions inside Mosul on Saturday.

Meanwhile the Kurdistan Peshmerga or paramilitary is planning an attack Talafar, a largely Turkmen town in the north, and kick Daesh (ISIL) our of it. Turkmen are split between Sunni and Shiite, with the Sunnis having been Baathists for the most part. These latter are now often supporting fundamentalist forces. The US had ethnically cleansed Talafar of its Sunni Turkmen, creating a Shiite majority. But when Daesh conquered the city this summer, many Shiite Turkmen were forced to flee.

The US and coalition air strikes on Saturday hit Daesh positions around Talafar in the north, presumably to soften them up in preparation for the Peshmerga advance.

In Syria, Daesh tried to take a military base in Deir al-Zor in the east of the country, and as of this writing appears to have failed. The Syrian army rallied to push the fundamentalists back.

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  1. Meanwhile the Kurdistan Peshmerga or paramilitary is planning an attack Talafar, a largely Turkmen town in the north,

    Yeah, well let’s wait and see how they do. The Peshmerga haven’t achieved much for a long time (without heavy US air-strikes to clear the road), and they ran away twice in August. Also, I’m not certain whether the inhabitants of Telafar will be favourable to the Peshmerga coming back.

    • The US will not supply the Kurds with decisive weapons. Turkey fears a revolt and Iraq would cease to exist. If I was the US, I would start building a big airbase in Kurdistan. That might wake everyone up. It would upset Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria and pretty much everyone else.

  2. Woohoo! The Cowboys are winning! Hooray for Our Side and the Empire!

    Other stuff we don’t read or hear much about is the complex internecine violence, armed by cynical people who profit from selling the means of violence in places like Syria and so many others. Or little roach-illuminating flashes in the great dark cupboards of the world, like this tidbit to remind anyone with any outrage left of How Things Really Work; “Leaked audio shows Egypt’s coup leaders as criminal syndicate,”
    link to counterpunch.org . Quelle surprise, as Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism would say, as she offers up all those proofs of the power realities invisible behind Narrative smoke and PR noise…

    And yet the Empire still delivers “aid” to these “democracies” …

  3. Daesh takes up less space in the MSM because they can’t be played up as the BIG BAD BOOGIEMAN any longer. Ditto for their librul antiwar counterparts who won’t be able to keep talking about the flip side –Iraq War 3.0.

    The MSM needs the Iran nuke thingy to blow up and/or the torture report to go public. I wonder how many of the detainees were tortured until they died?

  4. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the usual cast of war hawks aren’t screaming about Daesh because Obama’s air campaign is degrading them militarily and economically. The neocons wanted to use Daesh to try and show Obama was an incompetent C-I-C. They aren’t doing that now for a reason.What’s worse for the hawks is MSM losing interest. Once the news cycle has move on the story is usually finished. Ebola is the perfect example. So is Daesh/ISIS/ISIL whatever.

    There has been a BIG change which is VERY bad news for these war mongering politicians who were drawing a bead on IRAN. If a nuclear agreement is reached with Iran then the propaganda war campaign will have to start from scratch. Even Bibi is talking nice about Iran. Anything that sets these war mongers back is a good thing and that is EXACTLY what bombing Daesh has done. How long has it been since McCain, Graham, Mike Rodgers or any of those war mongers has gone off about the dangers of Daesh?

    John McCain and Lindsey Graham will have to find another war to talk up. Daesh looks Done.

      • “Toe-to-toe nucular combat.” If any of them survive, they’ll be tortured by RECTALLY REHYDRATING those ROOSKIES for any information about the Doomsday Machine.

  5. An excellent initiative to call this terror group as “Daesh” than ISIS/ISIL/IS with reference to Islamic State. Because labelling them as Islamic is truly misleading, pertaining to their conduct of violance which is a clear violation of Islamic teachings. The wrong labelling would be unfortunate. We don’t want to mislead anyone especially our future generation, the young-vulnerable minds who are easily brainwashed with false propaganda. Thus, the naming is critical otherwise we end up endorsing a terror group.

  6. ISIS has already made an important politico-military point, regardless of what happens next on the battlefield.

    The point is this: none of the Kurdish factions can stand up to ISIS without being heavily dependent on foreign forces. ISIS can wage a three-front war more easily than the once-vaunted Peshmerga can fight on one front.

    ISIS has therefore pretty much demolished the notion of a sovereign Kurdistan. If there is ever going to be an independent Kurdistan, the independence will be no more than nominal.

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