Jewish Terrorists set Fire to joint Arab-Jewish School in Jerusalem

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“An integrated Jewish-Arab school in Jerusalem has been vandalised by suspected Jewish extremists who set fire to a classroom.

It happened late on Saturday at the Hand-in-Hand school where Palestinian and Israeli children study together in Arabic and Hebrew.

“Death to Arabs” read part of the graffiti scrawled on walls.

“Whoever hurts this type of coexistence no longer only hurts Arabs but Jews as well, hurts an idea and an ideal that has existed for 15 years”, said Hatem Matar “

Euronews: ” Jewish-Arab school torched in Jerusalem”

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  1. Any initially successful to repress and shut down the “price tagger” community would lead to a genuine Civil War. The Center-Left Lesser Israelists missed their last chance to win such a Civil War against the Center-Right Greater Likudistanis in the dragging couple years of Peres’s post-Rabin Prime Ministership.

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