Cole at the Nation: Egyptian Left Plans Mock Trial of Mubarak

By Juan Cole | —

My blog entry at The Nation is out:

“After Acquittal, Egypt’s New Left Vows Mock Trial of Mubarak”


“A youth “New Left” is still a significant current in Egypt, and many young people want more accountability in government. They were the ones who gathered just outside the now-closed Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo on Saturday. The government attempt to disperse them left two dead and more injured by flying tear gas canisters or by the military-grade tear gas itself. Youth revolutionaries, including the Trotskyite Revolutionary Socialists, gathered in Alexandria to protest the verdict and to make plans for a civil-society mock trial of Mubarak. They also demanded the release of youth activists from prison, who have been jailed for defying the draconian anti-protest law put in by the interim military government last year (and which is surely unconstitutional by the 2014 Constitution). Among the more prominent young people in this Alexandria event was the attorney Mahienoor El Masry, who was herself jailed for many months for a protest, but who was released in September after a vigorous youth Internet campaign.”

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