Not the Onion: Pakistanis Demand arrest of Cleric for not Condemning “Jihadis”

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“Pakistanis are calling for the arrest of a Muslim cleric, Abdul Aziz, who refused to condemn the recent Pakistan Attack that led to 148 deaths. Some feel the Taliban school attack in Peshawar is a turning point in Pakistan’s complex relationship with extremist groups. There‚Äôs been an ongoing controversy both inside and outside of Pakistan about how much intelligence officials (the ISI) have used armed groups to further their political objectives. #ReclaimYourMosques #Arrestabdulaziz #peshawarattack”

AJ+: “Pakistanis Want This Muslim Cleric Arrested And Mosques Reclaimed”

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    The brave Laal Masjid protesters receive threats from the new TTP faction.

    This is not just any Taliban apologist. He’s the notorious cleric of Laal Masjid. If anyone remembers, they defied the state, holding the area around hostage for over a year and eventually were put down after military operation under Musharraf. However he was eventually released by the courts and been untouched since.

    Despite the recent death penalty and hangings, the military, govt and civilian courts are still unable or unwilling to convict or bring down some big name extremists and terrorists such as Lashkar e Jhangvi’s Malik Ishaq who has been released again.

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