In Rebuke to Israel, French Parliament votes Resolution to Recognize Palestine

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VIDEO 1 (Euronews):

“French MPs vote to recognise Palestinian state

The French parliament has voted in favour of recognising the state of Palestine by a large majority.

MPs voted 339 in favour and 151 against.

Israel had earlier urged the French parliament to vote against the resolution.

It is a symbolic move and follows similar votes in Britain, Spain and Ireland.

France’s government is pushing to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.”

Euronews: “French MPs vote in favour of an independent Palestinian state”

VIDEO 2: France 24:

“On the streets of Ramallah in the West Bank, most Palestinians are not aware of the French parliamentary vote on the recognition of Palestine set for Tuesday. But when told about the vote, the move gets a warm welcome.

“It’s not going to change anything for us, but it’s a strong symbolic move nonetheless,” said a young Ramallah resident.”

France 24: “Ramallah welcomes French vote on Palestinian statehood – PALESTINE”

4 Responses

  1. The French and other European countries taking this important step deserve to be thanked for their historic decision supporting equality and social justice for Palestine. While American subservience to Israel’s drive for regional dominance imperils peace as well as our own security European countries are to be congratulated for their recognition such a policy is both strategically indefensible and morally bankrupt.

  2. All the big nations of EU have endorsed the rights of Palestine, except Germany. The German government will never oppose Israel on anything, out of permanent guilt over the Shoa, but the rest have made it clear that Zionist policies are against human rights. Now is the time to file charges in the ICC against Israeli war criminals. They shouldn’t have trouble finding evidence.

  3. Juan, is there any meaningful push in France for serious sanctions on Israel? Does France sanction Hamas? Does France leave such decisions to the EU?

    • No need to sanction Hamas, because Gaza is under international quarantine enforced by Israel military with help from the cowardly Egyptian junta.

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