Russell Brand v. Press Lord Rupert Murdoch: Who won?

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“The British twitterati is in a tizzy over a brawl between Russell Brand and Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun. The “manarchist” comedian has been accused of hypocrisy for championing housing rights and decrying tax-evading gentrifiers all while paying rent to a tax-dodging landlord. Find out who’s winning here.”

AJ+: “Russell Brand Vs. Murdoch’s The Sun”

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  1. The quoted academic at SOAS was Mr Bland aka Dr L Saez..who.never covered inequality in detail in his post grad econ classes and never as lateral thinking as Brand. Confused many bright students with outdated charts saying inequality was good for growth and plays up to IMF and Sun logic employers. Brand won against Bland.

  2. Russell wins every time, which isn’t hard when Murdoch is a top-drawer crook and the only arguments he and his editors can offer against Brand are ad hominem.

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