Israeli Squatters chop down 50 Olive Trees in Palestinian Village (800,000 since 1967)

NABLUS (Ma’an) — Settlers cut down over 50 olive trees in the Nablus village of Aqraba on Friday, Palestinian official Ghassan Daghlas said.

Settlers from Elon Moreh, located east of Nablus, attacked Aqraba and cut down 50 olive trees from the Juhr al-Dik area of the village.

The trees belonged to Said Bani Jame.

Several other trees were damaged during the attack, Daghlas added.

The villagers have filed an official complaint to Israeli authorities through the Palestinian liaison office.

Over 7,500 olive trees were damaged or destroyed by settlers between January and mid-October in 2012, according to OCHA.

Settler violence against Palestinians and their property in the occupied West Bank is systematic and ignored by Israeli authorities, who rarely intervene in the violent attacks or prosecute the perpetrators.

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  1. The MSM completely ignores these activities.The caption in the video refers to these acts as “vandalism.” This is much more than vandalism. These acts are clearly identifiable as terrorism. The destruction of olive trees is a destruction of livelihood. It is another way to drive the natives off of their land.

  2. This is robbery, not vandalism.
    I remember Israelis proclaiming, “Let the desert bloom.”
    Israelis destroyed 800,000 trees, de facto saying, “Let the desert grow. And the winds of drought are worse, because the trees are gone. The drought and growing desert can’t tell Israeli trees from Palestinian trees. No wall will help.
    The desert will grow.

  3. wait til the israeli govt goes even further to the right! The squatters will won’t rest until they occupy all of Palestine.
    Supported by the U.S. of course!

  4. Israel’s behavior is the burr under the saddle of the whole Middle East. Osama Bin Laden was empowered because Israel is arrogant, entitled, abusive, selfish and controlling, and plays the victim at every turn. I surmise there would have been no 9/11 if Israel had not behaved so badly.

    Israel’s supporters suggest peaceful co-existence between the Israelis and Palestinians. They worry that Israel will be demonized and boycotts will delegitimize the “Jewish state.” That’s it in a nutshell. The leaders of Israel believe that God gave them the land, so they can make a Jewish-only state and that the Palestinians just have to accept it. They pretend to be noble, professing desire for peace. It is like putting someone in chains, killing their children, and saying “let’s have peace, why can’t you agree, you are a terrorist?” Meanwhile, the more trouble there is in the Middle East, the more Israel can conduct land grabs under a smoke screen and continue– and ramp up –their brutal suppression of the Palestinians. When the UN tries to hold them accountable for their conduct, Israel reacts with narcissistic acts of control, with no concern for the humanity of the Palestinians, who they view as not being ‘chosen’ to live in the promised land.

    So let’s support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BSD) movement. This method worked in South Africa to help end apartheid. I have a dream that in a few years there will be courts of repatriation where Palestinian families will get their farms and houses and shops back, and Israel will pay them for their losses, and mourn for the dead. Then, maybe, the words ‘never forget’ will mean something to the world.

    • Israelis are indeed “arrogant, entitled, abusive, selfish and controlling, and play the victim at every turn,” as well as being delusionally paranoid, BUT . . .

      their days of getting away with all that are coming to an end due to global power shifts and simple demographics.

      – Power is shifting away from countries that are somewhat positive to neutral about Israel (currently the US and parts of Europe) to countries that are mildly to very anti-Israel. There is nothing Israel can do to change this fact and no amount of “charm offensive” will endear them to the newly powerful nations. For example, China only wants to strip-mine Israel for intellectual property and once they have turned Israel into an intellectual husk, they do not care what happens to Israel and if it can help them get resources from the Arabs, the Chinese will gladly help behind the scenes to make the lives of Israelis terrible (especially if there is a nice profit for the Chinese)..
      – Supporters of Israel and the gullible that can be persuaded to believe Israel’s myths, are rapidly dying off due to old age. The gullible include the Christian Zionist, whose churches are losing members at huge rates as their “true be;livers” die off and they can not get any of the under 40 crowd to listen. Multiple mega-churches in the US have already had to merge to survive.

      The bottom line is, although virtually no Israelis realize it, Israel’s best days are behind it. As the US generation changes flow into the politics (it is happening, but mostly hidden by current events) and the US loses global power, there will come a day when the US not only will not protect Israel but will actively oppose Israel. And once Israel has lost the US, it will get that smirk knocked off their face.

      Israelis are NOT going to like their future and by the time they figure out 99% of the world is slightly;y to very negative toward Israel it will be too late to avoid the consequences of their behavior.

      I really wish Israelis would WAKE UP, but my experience with egotistical, arrogant bullies is they never wake up until they are brutally forced to.

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