If Jeb Bush Is In, Who Will Win Wall Street’s Money?

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“Bloomberg’s Stephanie Ruhle and John Heilemann talk cash and 2016 prospects.

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Bloomberg Business: “If Jeb Bush Is In, Who Will Win Wall Street’s Money?”

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  1. No matter which Republican gets the lion’s share, Hillary Clinton has already gotten a ton of it in advance payment and her husband in payoff for services rendered.

  2. Have spent hundreds of hours reading much of the mission statement, principles, war plans, letters to Presidents over at the Project for A New American Centuries website since before the invasion of Iraq. However heard something the other night on MSNBC’s Ed Show that I had not heard before. Attorney Mike Papatonio stated that Jeb Bush had been part of writing the mission statement of the PNAC. Harder to access the site these days. Jeb did sign the signatory list for the principles of PNAC.

    • Other dynasties:

      (1) John Adams and John Quincy Adams;

      (2) Wm. Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison;

      (3) Theodore Roosevelt and FDR;

      Only FDR was in a war – and that was after the Pearl Harbor attack.

      Dynasty members have had generally peaceful presidencies in America.

      • Mark – Lineage is not a dynasty.

        Are you attempting to actually defend this specific Bush dynasty?


      • Why do you judge these political dynasties only by how many wars they were in, and not how they – and the privileged class that they all came from – treated their underlings, the ordinary citizens of the US? Only the Roosevelts associated themselves with social justice.

        No justice, no peace.

        • super390 – Bush Wars especially the Global War on Terror (GWOT) have components which have done more to facilitate your genuine concerns than any war since WWII.

          • The accelerated shift in national wealth and power to the few at the expense of everyone else.
          • The systematic removal of our Constitutional Rights especially our right-to-privacy under the guise of “national defense.” (GWOT functionally waged on the citizens of our once great country.)

          How did ordinary citizens become an enemy?


          No more Bush in our White House.

  3. I know a country where the major political parties are owned by family dynasties that have no legitimacy outside their regions while the military cements a monopoly on the national identity by hogging the country’s resources.


    Now all we need is for the military and the local religious extremists to…

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