World’s Poor to be hit Hardest by Global Warming: World Bank

The World Bank | —

“Some regions will have too much water and others will have too little, according to a comprehensive new study on climate change by the World Bank Group. This look at the effects of a warming world on the Middle East, Latin America and Central Asia is awash with suggestions to prepare for a changing climate. Turn Down the Heat.

World Bank: ”
A Future of Floods and Droughts as Climate Changes”

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  1. To #thepoor from #the0.0001Percenters, at this Holy Christmas Season: Suffer the little children? Who among Us cares? Bottom line? Go. Away. Preferably quietly, without making a fuss or creating a public health problem for Us. Jesus loves you — Us, not so much…

    “How the poor get blamed for disease,” link to

    “Yellen on the poverty of the poor,” link to

  2. Another boost for the “What, me worry.” point of view in the US. Helps cancel out the the antarctic glacier melts problem. Frack baby frack, and, with cheap gas, let’s get some more gas guzzlers back on the showroom floor. Having a GOP congress can’t hurt. .

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