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  1. Vincent Floreani

    @conradhackett picture comes from England (English flag on the right), not France. French Police are protecting all places of faith

  2. It is my opinion that Islamaphobia has been deliberately encouraged to set Christian against Muslim to obtain Christian public approval / indifference to the attacks on Israel’s neighbours and prepare the way for Christian public approval / indifference for when Israel launches its war of expansion and drives out thr remaining Palestinians. Greater Israel has always been a goal of Netanyahu and once this becomes a reality we will see what Dostoyevsky meant when he used the word ‘merciless’.

  3. Cat Neshine

    Can you imagine what #MLk would have to say about all of this? I wish he was here. I miss him. I miss Mandela.

  4. William E. Elston

    Wasn’t the goal of the terrorists to exacerbate tensions between Muslims and the right-wing? Why would the right be proud of furthering the terrorists’ intentions?

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