Obama, blindsided by Boehner, Snubs Netanyahu

By Alexandra Halaby | (IMEMC & Agencies) —

White House: Netanyahu Visit ‘Departure From Protocol’

Hours after the State of the Union address by U.S. President Obama, Boehner had invited Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to address the U.S. Congress on March 3. The date of the foreign leader’s visit was announced Thursday by House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner. The White House reports that President Obama does not intend to meet with Netanyahu.

The Israeli Prime Minister has been invited by Boehner to speak about the dangers presented by a nuclear Iran. When asked Thursday about the planned visit, the White House responded that respecting “long-standing practice and principle,” the president does not meet with heads of state close to elections in their respective country.

It is speculated that Netanyahu was invited without consultation with the White House. The U.S. and P5+1 states including France, Britain, Germany, China and Russia, have been in negotiations with Iran as of late and are working toward narrowing the gap between nations.

The Republicans are interested in sending a “clear message to the White House — and the world — about our commitment to Israel and our allies,” Boehner said Wednesday.



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  1. The people of Israel are not going to like how this plays out over time. Bibi is vastly miss-reading the US population. Already less conservative republicans are coming to realize that the extremely conservative stuff they tried in the past will no longer work because they now have to actually deliver good government rather than rhetoric. The general population of the US is NOT as conservative as congress and as the Boomers die off and the population centers assert their control, the population will move to the left. All of the sub-groups that republicans rely on for power, including the racists, are declining.

    – The populations in the rural Midwest and south are decreasing due to lack of economic opportunity (it takes very few humans to make all the food the US needs).

    – the religious conservatives are decreasing because all religions are decreasing rapidly.

    – the boomers are dying off to be replaced by generally liberal younger generations.

    – The ratio of white voters to the entire population is decreasing.

    Then there is the reality that Americans are very anti-war right now and no matter how much Bibi tries to whip up more anti-Muslim racism, it will not over-ride the majority that do not want war.

    In the long term, this stunt will probably sour a lot of Americans on Israel and will lead to further problems and isolation for Israel.

    Bibi does NOT appear to understand (nor do many Israelis) that Congress has very little power when it comes to international issues. The congress critters can huff, puff and grandstand, but can actually do very little other than declare war and vote yes or no on treaties or ambassadors. And even when they reject treaties or ambassadors, the administration can continue to function, albeit at a lower level of functionality because of the many powers they have under the Constitution.

    It is unfortunate that no one in Israel appears to understand just how much Bibi is endangering the future of Israel – The HARSH REALITY that no one seems to understand is eventually the US is going to throw Israel under the bus and stunts like this just hasten that day. Over the last 230+ years, the US has thrown EVERY partner it has ever had under the bus when it was in the best interest of the American public and Israel will not be the exception. Bibi is betting Israel’s future on a non-existent “love of Israel” in the US.

  2. Many of the Baby Boomers were totally against the Vietnam war and washed their hands of Obama after he escalated his “war of necessity” in Afghanistan. The Boomers are far and away much more liberal than young people today.

    Americans aren’t as antiwar as you think. That’s why Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” is doing so well at the box office. It’s also the reason threats against Muslims have tripled. Netanyahu is like Julius Caesar to the Republicans in Congress. He should wear a toga when he speaks to them on Feb. 11.

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