It is Failed State in Yemen that permitted al-Qaeda to Train Paris Terrorists

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“CCTV America’s Susan Roberts interviewed Yemen correspondent for The Times of London Iona Craig about how Yemen has played a role in al-Qaida training and the Charlie Hebdo killings. Craig is an independent journalist and discussed the stability of Yemen, what makes it a hub for al-Qaida and how the West’s involvement may change conditions.

“Iona Craig explains the role of Yemen in al-Qaida trainings, Charlie Hebdo killings”

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  1. for about $ 20 Billion,
    the USA could deliver 250,000 small renewable (solar / wind / battery) power systems,
    about 1 system for every 100 residents,
    across rural Yemen.

    this would have 2 profound effects:
    *** empowering small microenterprise development; and
    *** making people aware of their situation, interconnectedness, etc.

    the Yemeni mindset is wallowing in self-pity, thus the prevalence of narcotic abuse.
    this self-pity is how the AQAP movement took root.
    It’s how the Houthi movement exploded.

    But if we do this,
    it must be led, organized and controlled by locals.
    Keep the DAI / Chemonics / RTI carpetbaggers out of it.

    • for context,
      I think the USA — military + CIA —
      has already spent over $ 5 Billion on drone surveillance and drone bombing in Yemen,
      since 2003,
      and spent over $ 1 Billion imprisoning and torturing at Gitmo
      Yemenis we know to be functionally innocent.

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