Were Guantanamo Murders Covered Up As Suicides?

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“According to the US government, three detainees — all imprisoned as part of the global war on terror — hung themselves in their cells that night. But Army Staff Sergeant Joseph Hickman, who was on guard that night at Camp Delta, came to believe something very different: that the three men were murdered in a secret CIA black site at Guantanamo.

After leaving the Army, Hickman spent years looking into the deaths. His investigation has led him to write a new book, Murder at Camp Delta.

Hickman sat down for the first time on camera with VICE News to tell the story of his investigation and what he learned about what happened that night in 2006.”

VICE News: Were Gitmo Murders Covered Up As Suicides? – Interview with Joseph Hickman

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  1. Cpl. Sean Baker about 10 years ago posed as an inmate as part of a training session for U.S. Army guards at Guantanamo – the guards were told he was a prisoner who assaulted a corrections worker.

    Baker was violently assaulted and almost killed. The beating stopped only when he convinced them he was an American soldier. Baker suffered brain damage and was discharged with a disability pension. He attempted to sue the Army leadership and only by 2013 has there been an investigation underway that was pushed by a U.S. Congressman.

    Cpl.Baker may have likely been killed if he had not persuaded the guards he was a fellow soldier.

    Given Cpl. Baker’s claims it cannot be surprising that murders did occur at the facility.

  2. Guantanamo is a Mengelian experimentation camp designed to torture both innocent human beings and the American constitution, they do not want it closed nor any of the prisoners freed because they are not finished with the experimentations, quite the contrary, the point is to see just how much torture, incremental or intensive, Americans’ civil liberties, international human rights, and the American constitution itself can endure before finally expiring.

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