Indian State size of Texas *requires* Solar Panels on Bldgs. by 2015

Times of India | —

“The Haryana government has decided to usher in the New Year with one of the biggest pushes for solar power in the country. The state [pop. 25 mn.] has made it mandatory for all buildings on plot size of 500 square yards or more to install rooftop solar power systems by September 2015. The order, passed by the department of renewable energy, is in line with the state’s solar power policy framed in September 2014, officials said.”

Times of India: “Haryana Makes Solar Power Must for All Buildings”

2 Responses

  1. This is a good idea to have large buildings equipped with solar panels, I am just surprised that the first to make this mandatory is in India. I thought that India was a poor and overpopulated country, how can business owners afford to put these panels in? The government should help these people with finances to make this possible. India does have a lot of people so i am sure that they have trouble meeting all of their energy needs and this will help the country out greatly. Hopefully this will led to many other countries following their example and make it a mandatory rule. I am surprised that more Western countries have not done this because they are the ones who use so much energy. I think that the business of oil is stopping them from adopting more green energy solutions.

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