J.K. Rowling takes Rupert Murdoch to Hogwarts School over his Islamophobia

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment)

Rupert Murdoch is the billionaire press lord and major shareholder in News Corp., which own Sky News and Fox Cable News. He tweeted after the Paris attacks:

he added,

But J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series and more recently The Casual Vacancy, wasn’t having any of it. She slammed the press lord for his notion of imposing collective guilt on mere co-religionists:

She had also written, concerning the Muslim who saved Jewish hostages:

Rowling appears to have worked some magic on Murdoch, who sheepishly admitted her point about the Muslim heroes who pushed back against the Paris atrocities. Chastened, he worte on Sunday:

Rowling also retweeted a couple of other interventions supporting her point against Murdoch’s collective guilt thesis– this one:

and this one:

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3 Responses

  1. KBen

    Well it seams that the plan is already made. Muslims are guilty until proven otherwise! that’s what Murdoch dictates.

  2. Maybe our (US/UK/French) wars and drone killings in Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, etc., and the sanctions that killed some 500,000 Iraqi children have something to do with Muslim violence–it’s called blowback.

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