Israel War Crimes Trial in 2015? Palestinians sign up to join International Criminal Court

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“Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has signed up to join International Criminal Court, paving the way for the investigation on Israel’s possible war crimes in the West Bank.

It’s in the wake of the latest Palestinian statehood resolution being rejected by the UN Security Council – where it fell short by a single vote.”

RT: “Palestine signs up to ICC, Israel threatens to ‘take measures'”

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  1. A highly predictable and kneejerk first reaction by the U.S. State Department was to say that this action will damage the atmosphere with the very people with whom the Palestinians ultimately need to make peace.

    I wonder if the people who issued that statement were aware of how much it made them the spiritual descendants of the “white” racists in the U.S. during the long ago days of the Civil Rights struggle in the U.S. Regularly so-called “black” people were warned that they shouldn’t press so hard or at all for their civil rights, because it was making the “white” folks mad. If memory serves me correctly the most famous instance of this was a rejoinder that the Rev Billy Sunday made to Rev King’s renowned “Letter from the Birmingham Jail.” It’s great for one and all that this badly wrong-headed advice was roundly ignored, and the Palestinians would do well to do the same. And I believe that in fact they will do the same, even if the West Bank Palestinian leader Abbas is under deep suspicion by believers in the Palestinian cause. See the also informative Mondoweiss site.

  2. The time has come for the Palestinians to look for every opportunity to move discussions of statehood and restoration of lands usurped in contravention of international accords out of venues where Israel and the United States control the outcomes. The unwillingness of either country to enter a meaningful search for peace and justice regarding the future of Palestine means they need to be marginalized as much as possible. As an American it pains me to say it but our steadfast refusal to seek a responsible solution to a conflict we played a major role in initiating means we have forfeited moral and strategic authority with regard to its future.

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