5 Top Reasons Romney ought to have Withdrawn

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) –

Likely the reasons Mitt Rimney decided not to run for a third time are financial – the big money just wouldn’t make another bet on a serial loser.

But here is why he shouldn’t have even thought about running in a rational world:

1. In his famous slam at the 47% of Americans who depend on the government he included veterans and retirees who paid into social security in the ‘moocher’ category. Veterans!

2. After inventing Obamacare as governor of Massachusetts, Romney did an about face and condemned the idea of universal health care coverage. He was just pandering to the Tea Party & was willing to see millions of working poor families risk bankruptcy or death rather than support his own plan as implemented by Obama.

3. When pressed for an alternative to Obamacare, Romney urged emergency room treatment. But ER physicians pointed out that there aren’t enough to meet the need. And, ER treatment costs are very high and are passed on to the taxpayer. I.e. ER treatment for the poor is a huge stealth tax on the middle class.

4. Romney pledged to do the ‘opposite’ of Obama in foreign policy, complaining of Obama’s opposition to creeping Israeli annexation of the Palestinian West Bank. Indeed Romney urged kicking the can down the road, i.e. Doing nothing as the Likud Party gobbles up the rest of Palestine…

5. …and slamming Obama’s Iran talks and threatening to undo them in favor of a more war-like stance toward Iran– i.e. risking war with that country.

Romney keeps crowing about being a foreign policy prophet, but on Iran and Israel-Palestine he has no idea what he is talking about.
And on domestic issues he was either an insufferable millionaire snob or lacked the courage of his own convictions. Not presidential material.

CNN: Romney Withdraws

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  1. Thank you Mr. Romney for not running, you really make a boring candidate. I’m looking forward to the Republican wind up toys bumping and banging into each other for the next year and a half as they see who can be the most militaristic.

  2. You left out the Nixon strategy. Nixon let the far-right wing Goldwater faction run against LBJ in 1968. When they lost, Nixon’s operatives swooped in and gained control of the Republican Party. The man who famously told the press that “you won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore” then ran a successful Presidential campaign in 1968.

    He was helped in large part by the unpopularity of the Vietnam War. I expect Mr. Romney figures that:
    * by 2020, Rupert Murdock (who hates Romney) will be in a sulfur-scented afterlife rather than controlling Fox News content;
    * The economy will be in deep trouble, as post-peak oil and vanishing resources make virtually everyone worse off than they were 4 years ago – weakening the then-incumbent;
    * If everything collapses, and massive riots sweep across the country, perhaps it would be easier to escape to one of his remote boltholes if he doesn’t have to first escape from mobs attacking the White House. (link to huffingtonpost.com)

  3. …Romney did an about face and condemned the idea of universal health care coverage. He was just pandering to the Tea Party…

    Despite the fact that Romney was a politician it was astounding to watch how much he could talk out of both sides of his mouth in 2014.

    As Andrew Levine said of Romney, “… no one, not even Romney himself, knows what his politics are …” “Sympathy for Obama?: The President’s Republican Problem and My Own” by ANDREW LEVINE – link to counterpunch.org

  4. Emergency room visits are indeed very expensive with costs passed on to the taxpayers. But they are also billed at extremely high rates to the uninsured patients who visit them, patients who by definition have little money to pay.

    • Not being a specialist, I do know enough to know that someone truly knowledgable could amaze you with the tax and accounting shenanigans afforded by uninsured/indigent ER visits.

      Apparently, part of the game here is to use these visits as a write-off. I once chose to do some physical therapy out-of-pocket, but was accidentally billed their “rack rate” until corrections were made. Whereas they were happy to have me as a cash-client for $350, for insurance (legal acct.?) purposes my treatment would’ve been billed at over $6,500.

      Go figure. No….don’t…..

    • It depends on what one thinks a president of a representative republic is. Some people want a leader who will wreck the system, in the belief that a “natural” order will thus be restored. Some people want a Commander-in-chief, really a tribal war chieftain, as the only proper function of the federal government.

  5. Actually Romney’s transformation from a progressive liberal when governor of Massachusetts (or moderate Republican if you like), demonstrates just how much the Republican party has changed since Eisenhower. One could make the argument that despite his “war on drugs” policies, Nixon was the last liberal President if you actually look at his policies. Nixon’s anti-drug policies included substantial funding for treatment and prevention. Now we just condemn those who use the drugs of choice for the poor to long prison sentences (a form of slave labor). Nixon didn’t support or even consider mandatory minimum sentences, supported greater regulation of banks as well as far more labor-friendly policies. (No, I’m not a fan of Nixon or a Republican).

    Bill Clinton was a masterful politician (perhaps the best we’ve had since FDR at the machinations required to be a successful POTUS). But his foreign and domestic policies weren’t progressive at all. He cleverly used a preventive-strike against Newt Gingrich and his “Contract for Americans” to weaken the Republicans when they had tremendous power. Clinton also signed off on NAFTA, the Protection of Marriage Act and made it possible for our private government records to be purchased by private companies.

    The Republicans have major problems and Romney exemplified them. They have become overly influenced by fanatics of various kinds including Christian Zionists, climate change deniers and anti-evolutionary biology zealots who thrive on fear. They support a large, aggressive state (catering to big banks, hedge funds and the Über-wealthy and their subsidiary military-security supply chains). And, much like their British Tory counterparts, are especially keen to dismantle Social Security and unequivocally against the creation of a more efficient, cheaper, universal form of health care.

    Romney’s problem is that after switching policies so many times and trying to cater to the Tea Party and far right Republicans in self-contradictory ways, he lost the trust of everyone. He is too polarizing a figure to even unite Republicans.

    Perhaps Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana and former Rhodes Scholar who earned a B.S. in Biology at Brown University, might offer a more coherent form of conservatism. But Jindal supported the Louisiana Science Education Act which allows for the teaching of creationism and so is as anti-science as his Republican partymainstream. Read here: link to motherjones.com

  6. I’ll miss Romney. I so loved watching self-righteous Christian fundamentalists voting for a Mormon…

    The only thing that could be better is if the Republicans nominated an atheist, and Christian fundamentalists voted for him.

  7. The conservative movement has escalated its public face into a cult of the past, but it’s a horribly selective cult. The Bushes & Romneys know what they want: the Gilded Age restored in its boomtown grotesquerie. But it is no coincidence that Prof. Stephen Mintz also called that era “The Golden Age of American Racism”; that’s what was offered to the WASP working white mainstream to keep them in line while they were looted by bosses, bankers and plantation owners… all of which has been written out of the laughable historical narratives of the herd.

    Problem is, the Bushes & Romneys have played this game since their mentor Reagan took office, and the herd is broker and angrier and better armed than ever. They have nothing left but to demand going further back into barbarism. They were only meant to be used by the oligarchs as a secessionist bluff to force Democrats to dismantle the New Deal, but now they flock to leaders who have deep ties to real secessionists and supremacists. Anyone who says “America is is republic, not a democracy”, and there are many of them, is literally calling for a return to the electoral laws of the 1780s. Look up how many Americans could vote under those laws, and for what.

    This is not something the oligarchs want. An America that openly reimposes Jim Crow will find its foreign basing agreements and trade agreements and overseas investments vanishing. It’s not a White world out there anymore, at least not where the growth is happening. Yet I don’t believe the Tea Partiers want to shut down the empire. If you believe you’re the master race at home, you believe you’re the master race everywhere. And master races always believe everyone is plotting against them. Unlike the oligarchs’ plan for profitable decline and kleptocracy, Patriots want a reckoning at home and abroad, not restoring the US’ real Isolationist past, but a mystical crusade combining all past White Christian aggression and domination under the US flag because all other Whites are now traitors to God’s mandate. Only Israel understands.

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