Surprise! German anti-Muslim Leader Resigns after Posing as Hitler

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“The leader of the anti-Islamisation PEGIDA organization in Germany has quit after a photo of him posing as Hitler was published in the Bild newspaper, throwing the future of the movement in doubt.

Lutz Bachmann resigned with an apology to all those he offended over comments he made on Facebook where he apparently called refugees ‘animals’ and ‘scumbags’ but made no reference to the photo.

He now finds himself at the centre of a criminal investigation for incitement to racial hatred

Euronews: “PEGIDA leader quits amid Hitler photo row”

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  1. R Shaldjian Morrison

    Professor Juan Cole, many of us in Tokyo would love to hear your thoughts on the recent ISIS kidnapping of the two Japanese men… Is it an example of blowback? or is the ISIS just desperate for money?

  2. TM

    I fear the moment figures like him will be replaced by more charismatic ones. The lively right is sifting through leadership.

    • Yes, it is so strange also to hear people argue so fiercely about “assimilation” when that whole idea as recognized as racist back in the 1970-80 identity politic** and likely was part of the tolerance (now regretted) in some of these countries.

      I’m also startled by the Americans claiming that “our muslims are well assimilated” without reference to our standards of accepting people as immigrants, sponsors, job skills, etc. — not to mention the abrogation specifically of Muslim’s civil rights after 09/11 when they were rounded up, and held without counsel or that “one phone call” … the details apparently remain secret. Some victims tried to sue and the ACLU got nowhere in FOIA as I recall. There was, IIRC, expansion of tiered rights for any legal-but-not-yet-citizens in the aftermath. As with the war on drugs, anyone suspected can be held … and family/associates can be dragged along into the mire.

      I think American Muslims thought themselves very well assimilated until that point. How protected they feel now, I have no idea, but the regular complaints of harassment and escalating islamophobia suggests it’s not necessarily feeling a lot safer.

      ** It was obvious that “assimilation” in the U.S.A. meant emulating white values and behaviors and “celebrate diversity” was the new model.

    • 100 years ago Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe was a greater threat to capitalists than Arab immigration from Lebanon, so capitalists like Henry Ford made Jews the #1 enemy – while the media romanticized Arabs. Now Jews – and an Israel moving ever-rightward – have become generally useful to the American oligarchy while Arabs are an obstacle to our global domination. The narratives follow the money, eventually.

  3. Political correctness apparently strikes again — I thought this was hilarious and waited for the story to be picked up and circulated. Not only is he “apparently” exposed to be a neo-nazi sympathizer, he’s an unsuccessful liar about same, and too stupid (too un-PC, let’s call him “impaired” covering idiocy without leaving out or implying arrogance) to successfully scrub the evidence … when crickets followed, I realized that the pearl-clutchers were too horrified, I’m guessing, that genuine Nazi sympathizer proof was discovered to conceivably laugh at this jerk — because: Nazis, Racism, etc. I’m just happy all those who defended Pergida’s non-neo claims are having to come to grips with reality — along with all of those Germans who “innocently” participated in Pergida’s rallies insisting, “no, this is something completely different” .. YMMV.

  4. Sina KH

    So its not an offence to be bigot and racist towards muslims, but an insult to jews then thats a no go and should be condemned and apologized for immidiately.

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