Can History Resolve the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict?

Joel Beinin, Stanford University (History News Network /American Historical Association) —

“Joel Beinin is a professor of history at Stanford University. On January 3, 2015 he spoke at a roundtable convened by the Mid-Atlantic Radical Historians’ Organization (MARHO) on the subject: ”What is the Responsibility of Historians Regarding the Israel/Palestine Conflict?” ”

HNNeditor: “Joel Beinin: A Boycott of Israel Has Nothing to Do with Anti-Semitism”

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  1. If Americans actually were aware of these facts – or any actual facts about Israel’s zionist project – they probably wouldn’t give Netanyahu the level of approval they currently do.

    Maybe even Sen. Lindsey Graham might remember that he’s an American, not an Israeli…

  2. Now we need a round table on the responsibility of media outlets with respect to Israel/Palestine

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