Turns out Rightwing Hindu PM more reasonable on Climate Change than US Congress (Obama visits Modi)

NDTV | —

“Six years after we signed a bilateral agreement we are moving towards commercial viability,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi, announcing an agreement on the nuclear liability issue after talks with US president Barack Obama.”

Further quotes from Bloomberg:

Modi: “When we think about the future generations and what kind of a world we are going to give them, then there is pressure . . . Global warming is a huge pressure.
… For President Obama and me, clean and renewable energy is a personal and national priority. We discussed our ambitious national efforts and goals to increase the use of clean and renewable energy.”

Obama: “We very much support India’s ambitious goal for solar energy and stand ready to speed this advancement with additional financing… We’re also launching new joint projects to improve air quality in Indian cities.”

NDTV: “PM Modi-Barack Obama’s joint press conference”

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  1. India’s PM Modi knows how necessary nuclear power is if mankind is to prevent catastrophic ruination of the ozone layer. Wind and solar can never provide sufficient energy. Unfortunately, “nuclear” has become a term of opprobrium in the US.

  2. So is India headed towards nuclear power or renewables? What is the society truly committed to doing? After the nuclear accidents in Russia, America and Japan, whose engineers can be trusted to run a reactor safely instead of forming a corrupt bureaucratic caste protected by a code of silence?

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