Fox ‘News’ Schooled By French ‘Daily Show’ On Muslim ‘No-Go Zones’

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“The host of France’s “Le Petit Journal,” Yann Barthès, asked his audience to flood Fox News with claims about Parisian “no-go zones.” Since the Charlie Hebdo attack, several Fox guests have asserted that parts of England and France are Muslim-run, with non-Muslims and police not welcome. But Barthès did some fact-checking on his own.”

AJ+: “Fox News Schooled By French ‘Daily Show’ On Muslim ‘No-Go Zones'”

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  1. Hi,

    I’m French and I watched “Le Petit Journal”. You actually got it wrong. Yann Barthès contacted fox News about their segment on the no-go zones but received no reply. Then he asked his audience to send an email to someone at Fox News – can’t remember who but someone well known (PR director) – saying “Verify your information. You are wrong about no go zones in France”.

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