Gaza – reduced to Rubble by Israel – suffers cold, hungry winter: ‘conditions catastrophic’

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“Many thousands of Gazans face a freezing winter living in tents pitched amid the rubble of their ruined homes – as the UN is urging half a billion dollars in emergency aid for shelter to the war-battered region.”

RT: “Cold, dark & hungry: Gaza suffers through winter, ‘conditions catastrophic'”

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  1. Gazans are not the only ones living in tents.

    The Israel Taxing Authority has estimated that Operation Defensive Edge has cost Israel $4.3 billion -the bulk of that cost ($2.5 billion) was for direct military expenditures. The aforesaid aggregate cost is over $2,000.00 per Israeli household.

    Israel has thousands of middle class citizens that are unable to afford housing and now finds the unprecedented phenomenon of hundreds of these persons living in tents in Tel Aviv. A typical Tel Aviv apartment cost $600,000.00.

    Israel is being forced to scavenge its social programs to pay for the military costs associated with each Gaza operation and the Israeli middle class is finding themselves paying for this in a declining standard of living.

    Gazan damages due to that latest IDF offensive are estimated at around $8 billion.

  2. Something that struck me several years ago is that all this misery is compressed into an area the size of four Michigan townships, one fifth that of Washtenaw County.

  3. @Mark Koroi

    The difference is that families in Gaza have no choice but to live in a tent pitched on the rubble of homes demolished because “Israel saw a militant on a motorcycle launch a rocket from the area”.

    The poor, disenfranchised residents of Tel Aviv ( note the sarcasm here) can resort to illegal, yet government subsidized and protected, squater settlements in Palestine if they simply don’t want to pay Tel Aviv prices.

    Your attempt to equate the two situations is frankly shameful.

    • Apartment prices in the West Bank Jewish settlements are generally about half of Tel Aviv prices.

      My point primarily was not to compare the respective plights of Gazan and Israeli tent residents- but rather that there exists a corresponding economic “price” that Israelis do pay for these IDF incursions into Gaza.

      The disproportionate force doctrine has been recognized as a possible war crime by the Goldstone Commission report, and home destruction as a “mass punishment” for innocent civilians was expressly recognized during the Second Lebanon War as a recognized military objective by the IDF leadership.

  4. I’m sorry, but as a Tel Aviv resident, I find it horribly offensive to compare the price of real estate and the public cost of military bombardments to the devastation of Gaza and the wretched conditions that the people of Gaza are living in right now. However, I think both sides should be condemned for failing to find diplomatic solutions to the situation. Both Hamas, with its neo-fascist youth camps vowing to fight the Zionist enemy to the death, and Bibi Netanyahu’s government with its relentless search for bigger guns to fight Gaza have serious issues, and the cycle of violence is a very real problem that must be blamed for this situation. It is deeply saddening to see the people of Gaza suffer, and there is no comparison with anything in Israel, other than perhaps the giant migrant worker detainment centers Israel has created to prevent Africans from being part of society. I’m not selling out my country, I’m an Israeli citizen, but I think the current political system with its resort to more and more violence and destruction is not building a future for the country. We, and I include myself, are in fact helping to perpetuate Gazan suffering, and contributing to the cycle of violence by not working harder to help improve the basic conditions of the people.

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