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  1. I think I am missing something. I have a solar powered home that does everything this video promises and I have had it for 5 years. Why should I care about Elon Musks Tesla battery? If I am not mistaken this technology has been around for decades and is now more affordable.

    There are no details that make me think this battery is going to do anything special.

  2. Feh. It’s called “grid-scale storage” and it has been an ongoing US Department of Energy research project for years. This is like Big Pharma—all the research is done on the public dime, and private industry will reap the credit and the profit.

    link to energy.gov
    link to jcesr.org

  3. Apple should partner with BYD Company. They are the complete package Green Company. They build solar panels, battery storage, affordable EV’s, solar streetlights, electric buses, LED’s, etc. They have built model homes in Lancaster, CA. Put solar on your roof, store the energy in your home battery, and plug in your electric car when you get home. They are doing this now under ONE company. They are also backed by Warren Buffett. They are everything Elon Musk is trying to be only they are doing it right now. Apple could put a dent in the universe with a company like this.

  4. Lead acid batteries will soon be obsolete. Lead is being rapidly mined out with perhaps a 40 year supply still in the ground. Lithium is abundant.
    I’d like to see cheaper lithium battery cars. If they remain expensive they’ll have a minimum impact. They’ll be competing with cars like the Tata Nano which one might drive for life (fuel included) for less than the price of a Tesla.
    Affordability is the key to making it work.

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