The “Christian State” of Idaho?


“Do you think Idaho should be classified as a Christian state? That’s the question the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee will answer Tuesday night. KXLY4’s Aaron Luna reports.”

KXLY: “Republicans debating whether Idaho should be a Christian state”

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  1. Why not? Maybe some day we can have Islamic States, Buddhist States, Gay and Lesbian States, Voodoo States and allow abused Utah to live as they wish. Abolishing our constitution, dissolving government and starting all over is an idea; people are also better armed.

  2. This is great! I’m Bjorn, and I have been a fan of Juan Cole since 2003 or thereabouts!

  3. And if Christians ever become a minority in Idaho, its constitution will enforce the state’s “Christian and democratic character” the way Israel is enforcing its “Jewish and democratic character.” Then a particularly vicious, hateful brand of Christian can hijack the law and start narrowing the definition of Christian – and who gets to own property, get government subsidies, own a TV station, et al – to a tiny elite with no fear of electoral consequences.

  4. To me branding anything after a particular religion is as damaging and brutal as ISIS politics towards christians . budists , chaldean and any other religion .
    Why force your particular brand of religion into the discussion , while it still is part of the private sphere of life , before it´s stewed together with politics ?

  5. Idaho is one quarter Mormon and one fifth Catholic.

    Mormons think they are Christians. Christians think otherwise. This should be entertaining.

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