Fox News Contributor: Fifty Shades of Grey Heralds the End of the World

Ana Kasparian | (The Young Turks) –

“”Fox News contributor Robert Jeffress believes that gay marriage and the film release of Fifty Shades of Grey are signs that the apocalypse is nearing. Jeffress said “the Bible prophesized that in the End Times, there will be a lack of moral restraint. And I think we’re seeing that manifested in so many different ways.”

Jeffress is an evangelical pastor with a long history of incendiary remarks. He is an anti-gay bigot who believes gays lead a “miserable lifestyle,” homosexuality is linked to pedophilia, and gay people are promiscuous and engaged in “filthy behavior,” and “brainwashing activit[ies].” He’s compared Mormonism to a cult, called Islam an “evil, evil, religion,” referred to Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism as “false religions,” andsaid the Catholic Church is a “counterfeit religion” that rose from a “cult-like, pagan religion.”

Despite Jeffress’ controversial history, cable news programs frequently host him and Fox News employs him as a contributor.

During a February 10 appearance on Fox News Radio’s The Alan Colmes Show, Jeffress said he saw “radical Islam,” gay marriage, and Fifty Shades of Grey as signs of the coming apocalypse.””

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  1. Robert Jeffress and his ilk are the vanguard of an American Taliban theocracy.
    But Fifty Shades of Grey is filth and degrading to women. Hollywood will serve up any sort of garbage so long as (1) it makes money and (2) does nothing to inform the public about politics and the economy.

  2. Does FAUXNews recruit their “contributors” from street corner rant-and-rave sign waving out-patients?

  3. Robert Jeffress is not only a Fox contributor, he is also the Sr. Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Dallas. That church has 11,000 members. His views about Islam mirror those of other Evangelicals. Ditto for his comments condemning homosexuality. Tens of millions of Evangelicals believe homosexuality is a sin and God condemned it in the Bible. Evangelicals also believe we are are on the cusp of the Second Coming and the war in Iraq was the first step. Next month, Bibi Netanyahu will speak to Congress about taking the next step. Evangelicals believe the Apocalypse in the Book of John is about to come true.

    12th Imam Shiites like al-Sadr and Ahmadinejad believe the Hidden Imam is about to reappear.

  4. Let’s hope the approaching apocalypse is more exciting than. E L James’ fantasies.

    • In the meantime, good timing and brilliant marketing means this boring flick will make a shitload of money. But despite being boring, it’s a breakout film for the huge underground S&M community.

      Old fashion marriage will never be the same.

      • Old fashioned marriage won’t be the same. Niether will the old dungeons. When something that was underground becomes mainstream, it loses something.

    • Lots of blue-chip high school football players leave Texas and go play football for the HATED Oklahoma Sooners. DALLAS IS FULL OF TRAITORS TO TEXAS AND AMERICA. REMEMBER THE BOZ? .PLUS, JFK WAS ASSASSINATED IN DALLAS. Sooo, I’m thinking the Apocalypse will happen on a Sunday right after those nasty Dallas Cowboys become the only team to win SUPERBOWL #7. Pastor Jeffress is the anti-Christ. He already knows.

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