Big Oil wants N. Dakota to ease radioactive waste laws on Fracking

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“Amid falling oil prices nationwide, energy industry players in North Dakota want officials to alter radioactive waste disposal laws so that more toxic fracking fluid can be stored in-state, saving companies tens of thousands of dollars per truckload.”

RT: “Big Oil wants N. Dakota to ease radioactive waste laws – to save cash”

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  1. It’s not just the NORM, it’s the TENORM (technologically-enhanced naturally-occurring radioactive material) that’s produced in drilling and fracking operations. Local papers have found that drilling companies were stashing their highly radioactive filters in abandoned gas stations and other unattended places, instead of properly disposing of them in licensed landfills. Buildings that were literally filled with this stuff were found all over the state.

    There are the filters, the fluids that come back up the hole, the scale that forms in the pipes and casing – all sources of radiation, all regulated.

    What’s wrong with just letting The Free Market® (in Whose Name We Prey) take care of the problem? Proper disposal of radwaste is a cost of doing business. No reason the government should step in and bail out/subsidize the lavish lifestyles of these freeloading losers, right?

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