New York: Solar Panels demand increasing despite drop in natural gas prices

CCTV America | –

“The demand for renewable power resources such as wind and solar is not only holding steady, but growing. CCTV America’s Jessica Stone reported the story from Albany, New York.”

CCTV America: “Solar demand increasing despite drop in natural gas prices”

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  1. The CCTV piece on increased demand for solar panel makes an embarrassing gaffe near the end. The voiceover says that when the sun goes down solar panel users have no access to electricity or something like that. In truth, most of us who are off-grid have batteries (I have 12 connected in series to make a 24 volt system) connected to a charge controller and an inverter. When the sun goes down, stored electricity passes from the batteries through the inverter to the mains. Last week, the sun was covered with thick clouds for 3.5 days. My batteries provided electricity throughout.

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