AP Investigates: Bulk of Gaza Deaths Civilians

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“AP Exclusive: High civilian death toll in Gaza house strikes during Israeli conflict with Hamas militant group during the summer of 2014. Over 60 percent of those deaths were children, women and older men, all presumed to be civilians.”

AP: “AP Investigates: Bulk of Gaza Deaths Civilians”

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  1. “Israel made every effort, every effort possible to avoid seeing innocent civilians getting caught up in the crossfire.” Says Mark Regev. That must have been difficult with the world’s media broadcasting graphic sights and sounds of precisely that more or less round the clock.

  2. Of course…the Hamas fighters shot their useless rockets then ran into tunnels..leaving civilians out to die…also there is plenty of open area from which to fight from …Hamas chose not…better for the civilians should die

  3. There have been numerous acts of intentional murder of civilians committed by Israeli forces documented by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the U.N. Human Rights Commission in Gaza during the past seven years.

    Some cases entire families have been murdered within Gaza by IDF personnel. The al-Samouni and al-Dalu clans are examples of families who were unarmed and killed illegally and no prosecutorial action taken by the IDF.

    Israel’s own most prominent Jewish human rights organizations, B’Tselem and Yesh Din, have publicly stated there are no credible mechanisms for criminal prosecution of IDF war criminals.

    To the extent that your argument is that war crimes are being committed by Hamas and other militants, the remedy would be to prosecute those individuals taking part in such. Hamas has endorsed the Palestinian Authority’s accession to the Rome Treaty. There are strong arguments to suggest that their rocket firings into civilian population centers amount to war crimes.

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