Netanyahu urges Europe’s Jews to move to Israel

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“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has responded to this weekend’s deadly synagogue shooting in Copenhagen by urging European Jews to emigrate to Israel.

Netanyahu’s invitation comes despite reassurances from his Danish counterpart Helle Thorning-Schmidt that Denmark’s Jews belong there and that everything would be done to protect them.

Warning that more anti-Semitic attacks like those in France and now Denmark are likely, the Israeli prime minister spoke out at the start of his weekly cabinet…”

Euronews: “Netanyahu urges Europe’s Jews to move to Israel”

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  1. It is very, very well documented that humans are terrible at analyzing abstract risk, but given the historical record for the last 100 years, why would any Jewish person opt to move to a known hot war zone called Israel and leave the relatively much safer and economically viable Europe. Or if Europe is too “risky” why not opt for the USA or Asia which are know to be very safe for Jewish people? Also there is the “slight” fact that thousands of younger Israelis are rushing to leave Israel for much better lives in . . . wait for it . . . Europe (also the USA and Asia).

    Based on an admittedly small sample of people I know that have moved after retiring, it takes at least three to five years to integrate into a new community and a fair number regret ever moving.

    That being said, a number of people will move to Israel and some may actually stay.

    • In addition, I suspect that most Jews who do make the journey to Israel won’t wind up living in Israel (where real estate prices are sky-high), but rather in the illegal West Bank settlements, where they’d be at even greater risk from Palestinian attacks…

  2. Avram Meitner

    Do you think he is encouraging Europeans to view European Jews are foreigners? As was done 100 years ago in Europe by Herzl & gang

    • Yep, only even more so. Netenyahu is deliberately spreading anti-semitism in Europe. A few (Jewish) writers are beginning to recognize this.

      link to

      Netenyahu is truly evil, and extremely dangerous. I think all he cares about is his own personal power.

  3. Funny. With all the mass shootings and NRA intransigence here in the U.S., I was thinking of moving to Denmark.

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