Shiite Coup in Yemen: $400 mn. in US Weaponry Falls into Houthi Hands

Euronews | –

“The United Nations and the United States have condemned Yemen’s dominant Houthi group for dissolving parliament.

The move was also denounced by the country’s main political faction as a coup.

Houthi rebel leaders, however, say a new interim assembly and government will be formed as swiftly as possible.

Gamal Al-Soudi, the Houthi movement’s spokesman said: “The new transitional council will comprise 551 members and replace the now-dissolved house of representatives.”

Euronews: “Yemen’s Houthis assume power and dissolve parliament”

Headlines and Global News reports:

“The unrest has limited the U.S. military’s “ability to conduct routine end-use monitoring checks and inspections we would normally perform,” a U.S. official told the Guardian, though the official would not specify which equipment it lost track of.

The U.S. has provided more than $400 million in weapons to Yemen since 2006, according to congressional research estimates, including helicopters, night-vision and surveillance technology, military radios and transport aircraft.

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5 Responses

  1. kiran

    @UnitedCitizen01 With Obama as POTUS no surprise if even nukes fall in the hands of ISIS or alqaida

  2. Haidar Lapcha

    . Shia have proven to be a a lot more prudent than our unpredictable Sunni allies. Maybe a shift of alliances serves the region well

  3. J Davis

    @LizSly No worries. They will use them to kill each other. Like Iran-Iraq war. Keep them killing each other as long as possible.

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