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  1. Although we know what might be done to reduce this trend, it is abstract knowledge, to be practical the initiative would have to be global and authoritarian. It would also require complete rejection of many values and practices taken for granted in the Western world and those areas the West contaminates like mould in Stilton. Economy would need to replace consumption as an ideal. The concept of ‘want’ would have to melt back into one of ‘need’. The means of exchange would have to become finite again; we went off the gold standard onto what has become a currency backed only by our survival, a currency we expend with the careless extravagance of a mindless gambler. We have eroded authority with liberalism and there no longer exists anything to effect such changes before they force themselves upon us with painful, savage necessity. If that sounds apocalyptic, it should. Nature will not harm us, we will have harmed Nature until she can no longer sustain us, and then there will be looting, theft and murder as the 99% revert to some kind of neolithic barbarism. Does anyone remember that 1973 film Soylent Green with Charlton Heston and Edward G Robinson? Prepare for something along those lines. link to imdb.com

  2. The video shows a pretty scary prognostication (in the emissions as usual case) for the part of the world shown: Mexico, Cuba, Haiti and DR, USA’s southwest and so forth.

    Do the forecasters also show the rest of the world?

    I’d expect Mexicans and Cubans, etc., to look at this with horror. Also Americans who’d like to eat anything grown nowadays in blighted regions.

  3. I don’t know if the maps in this web-page are widely accepted by the drought-predicting fraternuity, but take a look. If we keep burning fossil fuels (as we are) there will be catastrophic drought world-wide: link to www2.ucar.edu. See the last diagram (2090-2099)

  4. You think coal and oil are bad for Planet Earth?

    If the KXL pipeline comes into operation the primary output will be petroleum coke or “petcoke,” MEGATONS of it.

    Petcoke emits significantly more CO2 than oil or coal. The U.S. is declining permits to use petcoke as a fuel within our country.

    The Oxbow Corporation is a major dealer in petcoke, selling 11 million tons annually. Oxbow Corporation is owned by William I. Koch.

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