As state Sinks, GOP forbids Fla. State Enviro workers from saying “Climate Change”

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“The agency responsible for setting and enforcing conservation guidelines for the state of Florida, the Department of Environmental Protection, reportedly issued directives banning other state workers from using terms related to climate change or global warming in reports. RT’s Nicholas O’Donovan has more from the RT studio in Miami.”

RT America: “State workers in Florida banned from using ‘climate change’”

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  1. All this crap from right-wingers about how oppressive liberal political correctness is; but they’re willing to fire you from your job for using the words “climate change” regardless of context? If people are fired for using the n-word or sexist words, at least there is a group of people who are actually personally demeaned by them. What is offended by “climate change” is the holy dogma that capitalism always brings benefits and thus the rich are an infallible Master Race.

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