Keystone XL Opponents Interrogated by FBI

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“Keystone XL pipeline opponents are being interrogated by the FBI who are using what one lawyer called “intimidation” and “force,” according to recent reports. This comes after President Barack Obama vetoed legislation that would have authorized the building of the pipeline last week. Accounts suggest that the FBI had been inquiring about activists’ actions and colleagues until earlier this year, raising questions about the FBI’s interest in civil disobedience cases and whether the agency is overstepping its bounds. We take a look at the controversy, in this Lip News clip with Gabriel Mizrahi and Jo Ankier.”

TheLipTV: “Keystone XL Opponents Interrogated by FBI”

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    • Because the “questioning” is designed to scare and threaten politically engaged people out of excercising their basic human self-governance rights including those mentioned in the Constitution.

      By the way, Keystone is not part of a “national” strategy for anything. Keystone is part of a private self-interested bussiness-sector strategy in search of special interest profits.

    • Opposing a strategy that the President of the nation opposes, too, is called freedom of speech.
      Opposing strategies are the reason we have debates and elections.
      What if the FBI investigated you for opposing the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights? What if they investigated you, asked questions of your employer in order to find out whether you were loyal to the Constitution?

  1. Of course we all know that environmental and democracy activists are the 5th column and a threat to our nation. Older female activists like Vera Scroggins are more dangerous than ISIS and Al Qaeda. She’s educated, which makes the situation more dangerous. Beware of grandmothers

    Havent heard of her? Google the Mother Jones story on Vera Scroggins and her role as a fracking activist

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