Netanyahu Doesn’t Speak For These Jews

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“Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he came to Congress to share his fears about Iran on behalf of all Jewish people. But these protesters and artists say “Bibi doesn’t speak for me,” and have instead written their own speeches about what they think he should say.”

AJ+: “Netanyahu Doesn’t Speak For These Jews”

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    • Because the only way to love Israel is to annihilate the Palestinian people and expunge the theft of their land from the history books, and then impose an empire (mostly of hijacked American military power) over the entire Moslem world for the crime of never forgetting.

      Would you say a Jew who points out the fact that Israel is lying about possessing hundreds of nuclear weapons is an Israel-hater or a lover of the truth? It seems that by your reckoning loving Israel requires embracing a lot of lies.

  1. From Netanyahu’s speech it is clear that the dream of ‘Greater Israel’ as so brilliantly described by Yinon Oded is getting closer and closer. Thanks to US-Israel collaboration the major countries of the Muslim Middle East are today in shambles starting from Iraq. Syria is the last of the Arab countries that is soon going to be finished too. It cannot be a co-incidence that all the countries that were bombed to hell were those opposed to the policies of Israel towards Palestinians. Now the greatest hurdle is Iran. Neyanyahu could not control himself when he realized that the US was adopting a lenient stand with Iran and pursuing talks. This approach was wrong as Iran too should e bombed. So Netanyahu rushed to Washington to ‘alert’ the US of Iran’s ‘danger’. It is incomprehensible how a country that is iin possession of some 500 nuclear warheads apart from the most sophisticated war machinery is scared stiff of a cou7ntry that has not produced an atomic weapon and has constantly proved that its pursuit of nuclear program is only for energy purposes. Iran has actually signed for the non-proliferation treaty while Israel has not. So who is honest and who is not is obvious. The AIPAC is a solid advantage for Israel apart from its 40% Israeli-American members in the government who make the rules always in favor of Israel. Despite a few mild criticisms here and there to hoodwink the public the US government welcomed Netanyahu including Obama who had pretended otherwise.
    Finally it looks it is Israel that is ruling the US that appears weak and helpless before this notorious ally.

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