Ted Cruz Thinks Non-Christians Have Too Much Power

Cenk Uygur, John Iadaola and Jimmy Dore | (The Young Turks) –

“Cenk Uygur, John Iadaola and Jimmy Dore host of The Young Turks discusses Sen. Ted Cruz and his message for his conservative pals.

Presidential Hopeful equivalent of a ‘first!’ YouTube comment for 2016 and Republican Senator of Texas Ted Cruz has come out of the candidate announcement gate swinging. He’s been in interviews for most of the week following his announcement for the Presidential Candidate hopeful that its almost hard to hear him over the laughter as he’s said one thing after another to appeal to voters. Recently he’s done it again as in an interview he stated his desire for more Conservative Christians in office. He thinks that the religious conservatives have given up too much power to non-Christians and he’d like to see that change.”

Should religion stay out of politics or does it have a role to play?”

The Young Turks: “Ted Cruz Thinks Non-Christians Have Too Much Power ”

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  1. In Texas, one other GOP legislator (in TX legislature) has also said GOP voters should vote only for Christians (or something to that effect). Same drift in Georgia. This could be dogwhistle to latent anti-Semitism of some GOP’rs.

    • Ted Cruz has strong ties to Jewish GOP leaders and the collective Republican Party activists at the grassroots level have a heavy influence from Christian Zionists as well.

      Some GOP leaders are modifying the semantics of their message to couch their support for “Judeo-Christian” values.

      Before Sheldon Adelson came along, Detroit’s Max Fisher of United Jewish Appeal was a heavy pro-Israel influence in the Republican Party nationally for decades.

  2. Right. So Ted thinks the US should get rid of Jews and other non Christians in positions of influence? Has he read the US Constitution lately?

  3. Rat Salad

    smug liberals dismiss Cruz, big mistake: Cruz strokes resentments, fears, insecurity. I have heard his words spoken by many

    • Over my 25+ years political discussion, I have tried very carefully to avoid invoking “Godwin’s Law.” BUT . . .

      Ted Cruz’s methods just strike me as very similar to the techniques another famous psychopath used to gain power in Germany in the1930s.

      Cruz is no dummy and he carefully crafts his image and messages to trigger all the hate-filled responses possible. I suspect he knows the messages he sends are internally inconsistent, contradictory and unworkable in the real world, but they trigger the responses he desires.

      Unfortunately critical thinking is in very short supply in the USA (and around the world for that matter), so he will be able to get a fair number of people to follow him over the cliff.

      While most of the republicans are simply mindless clowns, Cruz may be more dangerous since he seems capable of using the rubs to gain power.

    • The Young Turks are beyond smug. geez

      Cruz is courtin’ the evangelical vote in Iowa and South Carolina. He wants to get head up with Jeb Bush and attack him over amnesty and common core. That’s the only way Cruz thinks he can win the nomination.

      • Yet every four years GOP candidates have to take more and more reactionary and theocratic positions to “have a chance”. Who drives this whole process? Ted Cruz’s dad is one of the extremist Christian mullahs who works tirelessly between elections to organize Christian theocrats to proclaim themselves the only voice of Christian faith – then they pimp fake historians like David Barton to say that the Founding Fathers intended Christians to have special legal status. See this article:

        link to talk2action.org

        “And God has given you an anointing to go to the battlefield. And what’s the battlefield ? The battlefield is the market place. To go to the marketplace
        and occupy the land. To go to the marketplace and take dominion.
        If you remember, the last time I was on this pulpit I talked to you about Genesis chapter 1 verse 28, where God says unto Adam and Eve, ‘go forth, multiply, take dominion over all creation.’
        And if you will recall, we talked about the fact that that dominion is not just in the Church. That dominion is over every area: society, education, government, economics.”

        • Mike Huckabee in 2008 and Rick Santorum in 2012 realized Evangelical voters play a big role in the early Republican primaries. In 2016, Ted Cruz is trying to expand on the strategy. Your video takes place in the Baptist megachurch in Irving, Texas—that’s Dallas. 10,000 members… Big D is the center of the bible thumpin’ movement of the whole country. The Texas primary is March 1, 2016…Cruz is no dummy. He plans to beat Jeb Bush in the heart of Bush country. If he doesn’t win, a VP slot will work just fine. The Republicans need the Latino vote, especially Cubans in Florida.

  4. 92% of the current Congress members are Christian. 158 of the Democrats are Christian. Liberal Christians need to stay involved, get more involved. Liberal Christians played a huge role in the Civil Rights Movement and many other just causes. Conservative Christians are hogging the power and the attention. Liberal Christians may feel intimidated by both the Christian Right and the non-believers of the Left. A strong, loud Christian Left would make politics, as well as debates about atheism , religious freedom, and the role of science a lot more interesting.

  5. But, but, don’t Republicans believe in freedom?

    Oh wait, this is about Republicans in the 21st century. They believe in freedom, but only for themselves.

    • That’s a truism in a country defined by selfishness. The game is to argue that the freedoms you want for yourself are in fact the only freedoms a good person would want, and all alternatives are wicked. Most Americans, I think, have only a shallow understanding of the idea that power-sharing is necessary in a democracy, because they want to delegate all that tedious power-wielding stuff to someone else while indulging in any behavior and pretending there are no consequences. The added motivation that makes white conservatives so aggressive is the myth of an ideal past when their ancestors alone could indulge their appetites and minorities and dissenters “knew their place” and kept quiet. Patriarchal monopoly = no big govt. needed to negotiate social and class issues.

      • Their construction of freedom would run this way: “freedom to be free of the influence of people who are not Christian. Freedom from science, freedom from that pesky evolution, freedom from having to pay taxes that go to pay for welfare or health insurance for people not the same color as they are.” That’s freedom.

  6. One Stepford Christian can turn more people away from Christianity than a dozen atheists armed with AK-47s.

    • Like Lenin, they intend to create a dictatorship of a pure minority, not a converted democracy. Especially if the pure minority has more AK-47s and ability and willingness to use them than anyone else.

  7. I never vote for anyone who discusses his/her religion. I guess it’s good for me that I live in a secular state like WA.

  8. The current fake Republican bottom of the candidacy barrel has been scraped with Cruz. And corporate-controlled media loves these silly candidates giving them undue credibility.

    Canadian-citizen Freshman U.S. Senator Cruz of Texas has consistently shown himself to be a purposefully malinfromed, naked opportunist who plays to emotion, h8 and faux-folksy religiosity.

    Chased from the temple 2,000 years ago, they’re back!

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