Bush blames Obama for lack of Wars (‘Follow-Through’ on ‘Threats’)

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) –

George W. Bush spoke privately this weekend at a Republican Jewish Coalition session hosted by casino sleazeball Sheldon Adelson, who made his pile in a very shady way in China’s Macau and now gets to choose the US president with his ill-gotten gains. What was remarkable was that Bush launched into a criticism of Barack Obama, something he’s tried to avoid since fleeing Washington in disgrace.

Unsurprisingly, Bush wanted Obama to make all the same mistakes that he did. He said Obama hadn’t “followed through” on threats against al-Qaeda and Daesh (ISIL or ISIS), making the US look weak. “In order to be an effective president … when you say something, you have to mean it,” he said. “You gotta kill ’em.” In Bushworld, it is no good warning an adversary about its behavior without actually going to war with that nation. (But then why issue the warning at all?).

Bush did not kill Bin Laden. Obama did. Bush closed down the CIA Bin Laden desk and declared him not a priority, after threatening him. Inconsistent, much?

Bush criticized Obama for withdrawing from Iraq in 2011. But of course it was the Status of Forces Agreement negotiated by Bush with the Iraqi parliament that stipulated a US departure by the end of 2011. Obama didn’t make a new policy here; it was the Bush policy that was implemented. Nor is it reasonable to have expected the Iraqi parliament to want more US Occupation– no such SOFA could then have gotten through parliament. That Iraqis had a key role in deciding all this is routinely ignored by the US press and politicians, including, now, Bush.

Bush also essentially called Obama naive over his negotiations with Iran, saying he worried about the world his grandchildren would live in. Since Bush let al-Qaeda and thence Daesh into Iraq during his military occupation of that country, it is he who must bear responsibility, not Obama. Moreover, during Bush’s non-negoatiation with Iran, that country’s centrifuges went from 6,000 to 19,000. Great dealmaking.

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  1. Carl Howard

    Yes. It’s absolutely scandalous how few million civilians Obama has condemned to death.
    That clearly shows weakness to a world starved for American leadership through genocide.

  2. How wonderful to have the worst president of the 20th century back in the saddle again! Showing us he’s just as shameless and clueless as ever. Retirement has been good to him, obviously.

    In a more just world, Bush II would be met with flung shoes wherever he went. Which wouldn’t be that far, actually, because he’d be pacing a jail cell in the Hague after his war crimes trial.

    But I guess this serves Obama right for sucking up to him and those other Republicans who’d sooner stab him in the back than assist him in any tangible way.

    • You had me until the last paragraph. How has Obama been “sucking up” to George Bush jr?

  3. It’s perfectly possible Bush believes what he said and it’s appropriate he should be sharing his convictions with a Jewish Coalition session, whatever that may be, since they no doubt also espouse them. Blair is the same, when challenged about Saddam’s non-existent WMDs he brushes the issue aside, saying it was right to topple him anyway. This needn’t be the consequence of deliberate deceit, they may genuinely see the world that way. Beliefs are abstract and don’t of themselves do harm, it’s the actions that flow from them that cause the grief. Israelis are the same, they just cannot see what they do in Palestine as inimical because it’s not inimical to them, and even were they to be sanctioned back behind their 1948 borders they would only see that as part of their eternal struggle or something like divine retribution (for having created Sodom Aviv?). I don’t know where the problem arises, illiberal eduction perhaps.

  4. So Bush crawls out from under his rock to spew venom and try to revise history.

    If he can’t be jailed for war crimes, the least we can do is ridicule him and his stupidity whenever he shows himself.

  5. thank you bush for reminding us every so often what a nasty and destructive and unelected nightmare you were. in case we forgot while we live with your mess.

  6. Bush is still calling for war against Al Qaeda? Isn’t that rather passe just now, when Israel is fighting in Syria on al-Qaeda’s side (Silverstein essay).

    How can Bush (or Obama) square the circle on this one? Is Israel a country-which-supports-terrorism or not? (And what about the USA come to that.)

  7. George Bush didn’t have the intelligence or background to understand the war in Iraq. That was Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz’s job and they were very good at it. The Young Turks give George way too much credit.

    The Young Turks blast Bush for saying Obama “failed to follow through,” then they name some of the countries he did bomb—Syria, Yemen, Oman (at times), Iraq and Pakistan. They forgot Libya and Obama’s “war of necessity” in Afghanistan. The Bush drone attacks don’t compare with Obama’s.

    George wants Sheldon to give a few hundred million to his brother. Adelson is worth $28 billion. Jeb’s superpac is on course to rake in $100 million by the end of May. That’s without Sheldon’s $$$. Giving $500 mil. to Jeb and $500 mil. to Hillary would cover Sheldon no matter who won.

  8. When I first read the title of the blog post, I thought I was reading The Onion.

  9. What was remarkable was that Bush launched into a criticism of Barack Obama, something he’s tried to avoid since fleeing Washington in disgrace.

    This brings to mind the old saying about there being no honor among thieves.

    • The pathologies that could be explored here are too deep, messy, and altogether too depressing to get into very far. He’d be a fine subject for one of those forensic psychologic profiles the Intelligence Community has done on foreign leaders by 26 year-old graduates with undergraduate degrees in psychology and a crash 6-week course administered by some retired military policemen cashing-in on their security clearances as contractors.

      In fairness we’d first need to excuse the unhealthy Daddy Issues driving Dubya, which are shared by pretty much anyone of ambition. For the purpose of this display, simply note the stark projection of his own inadequacies.

      As he slunk off to Texas the Boy’s shame was evident in the skulking posture of his rounded shoulders. It’s still there in this clip, as he visibly holds himself up to deliver what is a transparent piece of grasping self-validation, consistent with his remarks about how only history could judge him, and how the jury was still out on George Washington’s presidency.

      This whole business is Pathetic. Better not too look, but to just flush and forget.

  10. Is there a good source for Iranian centrifuge numbers out there on the web…I thought they had almost none when Bush took office, had accumulated several thousand by 2008, and then jumped to the close to 20k over the past five years. Also apparently some are installed but not operational but I’m still confused by how that relates to the amount of bomb grade uranium they possess and how close they are to having enough to make a bomb if they choose too (I thought they were at most 2 months away if they powered up all their currently installed centrifuges…is that right?)

  11. Bush should be given a conducted tour of Iraq with full commentary to show him what death & destruction he brought on innocent people of Iraq. He should be given full account how many Americans & Iraqis were killed.

    How big craters he has created there by dropping 20,000 pound & more bigger & destructive bombs.

    He should be accompanied with his puppy dog also, Tony Blair, who is equally guilty in crimes. .

    • If I didn’t oppose the death penalty I would recommend that Bush and his top war department leaders (and his puppy dog) spend a few weeks or months in Fallujah to get a souvenir from their depleted uranium.

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